End-to-end migrations to and from any popular IBM ECM or document management system

Like any essential asset, business data requires constant care and maintenance. Important data must be preserved when upgrading to a new data management system. When the organization needs to get rid of redundant applications or merge legacy systems, properly executed integrations and data migrations are a constant challenge. Preserving necessary business data, optimizing or moving it, preferably with all the related metadata, into the new enterprise system or database is always a complex, time consuming and highly expensive procedure.

The obstacles are numerous; managing high volumes of unstructured data in multi-system environments, handling data duplication, damaged files, managing meta-data, maintaining data consistency between source and target systems, extended business downtime and the issues go on and on.

Moreover, working with an inexperienced integrator or consultant, results in a lot of effort, fuzzy deliverables and plenty of room to extend the project as the complexities creep in. No wonder, big enterprises fear of any mentioning of data or system migrations. And migrating to IBM ECM or data management systems are no different. But what if there was a simpler, more suitable solution to these problems?

Move any size of content from older version or end-of-life IBM or non-IBM ECM systems to any popular IBM ECM system in an automated and regulated manner in a fraction of the time!


MPS is an experienced ECM veteran and a trusted IBM partner with numerous large scale content and system migrations successfully orchestrated and delivered over the years. With our delivery experience our knowledge of the IBM ECM portfolio and our migration tool (MPS Voyager), you can be assured that your content migrations will go down as smooth as possible.

After a full system evaluation, our team of experts will design, optimize and deliver your content migrations with the highest value to your business and smallest possible disruption to your current processes.

MPS covers migrations from and to popular IBM ECM systems:

  • IBM FileNet Image Services (IS) migrations
  • IBM FileNet Content Engine (CE) migrations
  • IBM Content Manager OnDemand (CMOD) migrations
  • IBM Content Manager (CM8) and Content Manager Enterprise Edition (CMEE) migrations
  • IBM FileNet Report Manager migrations
  • IBM Content Navigator (ICN) migrations
  • Lotus Notes migrations

Multipass can also help you with upgrade migrations from previous versions of the above systems to newer versions, including large version jumps, which usually present a number of additional difficulties during the migration.

Migrating to IBM CMOD (from EoS versions, Report Manager or ASG/Mobius)

Whether migrating to IBM Content Manager OnDemand from an older version of CMOD, from IBM Filenet Reports Manager, from other IBM system or from a non-IBM system such as ASG/Mobius ViewDirect the project will presents a long list of additional challenges like managing large volumes of data and large individual files, value restrictions, format conversions and filename compatibility, metadata migration, reading out data directly from the disks without a running system and so on. Our toolkit and methodology solve these challenges by delivering your migration with the possible fewest steps and minimum risk to your data and business processes. Multipass Solutions offer upgrade migrations for IBM Content Manager OnDemand bridging even the largest version jumps, for example from 7.x to the current version.

Migrations from legacy systems and non-IBM systems to IBM ECM systems

Fed up with the high maintenance costs, the lack of business-critical features or scalability issues related to legacy or end of life ECM systems? Or just planning to move to an IBM ECM system from a non-IBM document management system? Multipass Solutions helps you simplify your migration from MS SharePoint, EMC Documentum, OpenText Livelink to any IBM ECM system using our own developed, ready-to-use system connectors and migration toolkit.

Migrate only the relevant content

Migration is a quite complex process on its own, so why waste time and resources with migrating data that you don’t really need? Migrate only the relevant content! Use our special ECM toolkit to clean-up your data and save yourself the troubles of dealing with redundant or non-business data in your new system!

  • Data restructuring and cleanup prior to the migration
  • Reduce content size by up to 50% with deduplication and archiving
  • Identify and isolate non-business content
  • Set additional metadata and access right during the migration