EMC Documentum upgrade migration


Or client, Raiffeisen Leasing manages all Raiffeisen’s leasing and a wide range of financing operations. Their intensive day to day document flow produced more than 300.000 various documents (300+ GB of data), all stored in an aging, unregulated EMC Documentum 5.3 repository. At the same time a large part of the initial data was still stored in its original paper form creating heavy burden of additional storage costs. Our client decided to decrease operations and storage costs and consolidate and synchronize its electronic and physical document storage with its mother company Raiffeisen Bank. However, the latter was already using EMC Documentum version 6.5 and a different repository structure for physical record keeping. The migration solution offered by the vendor (EMC) required multiple migrations to bridge the version gap between the two systems. This approach did not fit the necessary requirements, since any possible business downtime was a critical issue for the customer.


While Raiffeisen Leasing had EMC Documentum version 5.3, the parent company was already using version 6.5, and had a unique document cataloging requirement which was impossible to fulfill with only the documents and metadata available in Raiffeisen Leasing’s repository. This issue was solved, by extracting the necessary customer and contract data from a proprietary core system using MPS Voyager prior to the migration. This extracted data was used to restructure the content of the source system to fit the target repository structure. Multiple migration performance tests were made to see if Raiffeisen Leasing’s new system had enough resources to manage the document flows of the old system. Then using MPS Voyager’s built in migration logic and connectors to both versions of EMC Documentum (just two of the numerous built-in system connectors) all the necessary content was extracted from the old source systems and migrated to the new target system with the smallest possible downtime. During the migration all the missing metadata was automatically added to the content querying third party systems while all the descriptive data was also transformed to the proper format.


Due to the successful migration Raiffeisen Leasing was relieved of all the IT operation burdens, and was able to consolidate its physical record storage into the unified system structure of the central archive, enabling harmonized document flow between the two companies ECM systems. The consolidation also meant another step towards cost reductions while also raising the levels of work efficiency.

  • Migrating from EMC Documentum 5.3 to EMC Documentum 6.5
  • 300.000+ documents reorganized and migrated
  • Zero business downtime during to the migration
  • Achieving unified business processes between Raiffeisen Leasing and the mother company
  • Document management consolidated into a single, same version ECM system
  • Lowering IT operation and document handling costs
  • Optimizing human resource usage


Raiffeisen Leasing, which has been operating since 1993, is a member of the Hungarian Leasing Association, and is now one of the leading leasing firms in Hungary, as well as a dominant player in the Hungarian financing market. Raiffeisen Leasing is part of the Austrian Raiffeisen Banking Group that operates a banking network around the globe, covering 17 markets with subsidiary banks, leasing companies and representative offices, serving more than 14 million customers via roughly 3,000 branch offices.