Migration to LiveLink & data clean-up


Deploying a new corporate ECM system (Opentext Livelink) at a Telenor branch, with approximately 1500 employes, and migrating, with the smallest possible business downtime, around 1.5 TB / 3,1 million individual files of user generated content into a new single content repository while preserving the initial data structure, the relevant metadata and all the existing access rights related to the content. Part of the migration process should be a complete clean-up of the existing data, so that only the relevant business data will be migrated into the new system.

The main requirements were:

  • Migrating content from filesystems to Opentext Livelink ECM repository
  • Mapping and correcting user permissions
  • Incorporating additional properties inherited from third party data source
  • Separating and housecleaning the existing content
  • Monitoring and customized logging



First, our team conducted an evaluation of the previously existing systems and IT infrastructure to understand the customer pain points and needs to offer the best approach and architecture for the migration to OpenText Livelink. After that using our MPS Voyager toolkit we mapped, scanned and analyzed all the existing corporate data stored across multiple network drives. Addition information was gathered from the Telenor staff using various questionnaires.

During the scanning all files were grouped into the following sub categories:

  • Business relevant files
  • Multimedia files
  • Files necessary for operations and research
  • Damaged files (mostly with incorrect or lacking extension)
  • Files with unknown extensions
  • Banned / Black-listed files

Next, based on the result, we cleaned up all the data, removing duplicates, fixing damaged files, separating non-business data and archiving outdated, or inactive content. The automated clean-up resulted in a 50% decrease in the number of files and a 33% decrease in the total volume of the content to be migrated. Next we migrated all relevant business data into the new system using MPS Voyager and its built in, up to date Opentext Livelink connector (one of the many built-in ECM connectors). These connectors allow MPS Voyager to load data into the target system with unprecedented speed, through the target system API, only limited by the target system itself. Furthermore, Voyager also allows to preserve the existing metadate during the migration, moreover, it also allows to automatically add new metadata to the content, based on predefined rules. After the main migration an additional delta migration was conducted, to migrate the data that was created during the time of the first, main migration. Finally MPS also organized trainings for the employees to get to know and fully understand the improved features of the new system and make their change to Livelink as seamless as possible. Of course MPS also provided full technical support and maintenance throughout the whole project and for the upcoming months after the migration.



  • Archiving app. 1 million files that had not been accessed for 2+ years
  • Deleting duplicates and inappropriate content to comply with internal policies
  • Reducing storage costs and improving system efficiency
  • Fixing damaged data, for better system and search efficiency
  • Cleaning up data before migrating (app 50% decrease), thus shortening the migration time (and the business downtime)
  • Migrating all relevant business data to the new system, with all related metadata
  • Implementing a new unified ECM repository, with numerous options unavailable with the previous set up



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